About my job

I joined the Polsat Games team in the first season of Ultraliga. My job is to come up with ideas for weekly videos which I work on throughout the season.
The next step is to discuss all video materials that I create with our esports editorial office. I write scenarios, choosing the most interesting parts of interviews with the players and the casters. Next I pick the music. When I have the perfect music then I edit the video and prepare for the TV broadcast. Every season I've been working on I have been an important part of planning Ultraliga's media days. I prepared a reference project with ideas and example shots for production and camera operators. During the media day I do the interviews with players and coaches, but when the season starts I interview the casters for "Match of the Week" and other video formats. 


Creating video content in season 4 was very difficult. We only had online media days and we didn't have any new shots. I decided to focus on the players' past and showcase their stories.

A story about Woolite - "Sisyphus of the Polish scene" was one of my most emotional videos. Avahir has prepared the most amazing narrative I've ever heard and I tried to edit the video in a way that shocks the viewer and show the story about everything that lead to Woolite's successes on the Polish scene. 

"We return" / Alior Bank Ultraliga
This is a video about the Polish scene. Before the season started a lot of rookies appeared in many rosters. A lot of people complained about the level of the upcoming competition so I decided to show the past of the players who were also poorly assessed by people, but today they are treated as the best. Maybe these rookies are the future of the Polish scene. 

"Match of the week / HIT vs GG"
"Match of the week / HIT vs GG"
In every league we have those players who tend to lose.
This video is about the players who end every season barely qualifying for the playoffs and no one gives them a chance to win. From the viewer's perspective, we wonder if they really care about another failure? Are they okay with being just average?


Season 3 has been the busiest season for me and I was best prepared for it. I’ve had around 5 videos per week and I improvised a lot. We had very well organized media days and most of the footage was based on my reference project. That season I started experimenting with the editing by using After Effect and League Director. This season has influenced my work the most.

This is the video about the greatest rivalry on the Polish scene.
Avahir in his interview has mentioned something brilliant that turned the Puki Style story around, so I decided to follow his idea and show what Puki Style could have achieved if Woolite had disappeared from the Polish scene.

Playoffs Round 2 / K1ck vs. RGO
At the beginning of the video we can see a part of an interview from season 1. Delord and Woolite say that they will miss each other. I wanted to bring back viewers' memories, because it was the fans favourite duo. After that there’s a glitch and the situation is compared to the current state. I focused on the rivalry between the players, because the video was broadcasted before the final and we needed to raise the hype, but still keep the best narrative for the final. 

"Playoffs Round 2 / DV1 vs IHG"
Who would like to watch the same teams that were in the lower final, in the main final. This is boring, right? This video is about the expectations and pressure on the players. We can see how many teams couldn't withstand the pressure over the seasons. This about stress and difficulties faced by players during the playoffs.

"We return" / Ultraliga Season 3 
This is a video promoting the start of season 3. I chose the most characteristic players and used one statement from interviews that reflects each player's goal for the upcoming split. I spent a lot of time in League Director because I wanted to use the team colours in every highlight from season 2. I wanted to create something interesting for the new viewers and something special for the insiders. 

"Match of the week / AVE vs ARR"
This video is about two teams that have a lot to prove.
At the beginning you can see ARR's players who’d had hard time meeting expectations and Avez that had good times this season, but they failed in the previous one. I used a song based on a responsory "Libera me" to stress the importance of their last chance. I always try to find music that fits the story with lyrics and melody for the videos.


In the Ultraliga Season 2 my adventure with editing films for television broadcast has begun. Thanks to my supervisor Agata  who taught me about technical standards and editing requirements. When I look at my videos from this season I always laugh. 

"Marcin Jankos Jankowski - The First Blood King" was my first video with not my script. Rajon prepared script and I could focus on editing and I could get to know how it works when someone has a vision that I have to follow. This is the video with the most views on the Polsat Games Youtube Channel.

DV1 vs REC / Final Video
This is about the differences between Season 1 and Season 2.
Someone might think that we have the same ending for both seasons, but you never know who will win. I wanted to show the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, so this video is focused on aspects in game and predictions for the final.

"What did you want to be when you grow up?"
This is social media content. On media day, I asked players who they wanted to be and what's the best - most of the players wanted to be professional footballer, so I cut Delord's reactions and used after every answer with footballer. 


It was actually my beginning of editing for the TV channel. I had to deal with difficulties and corrections very often, but before I started working Ultraliga not producing videos like this before the matches. I brought many ideas, but I was still lacked a lot for correct and high-quality production.

The best video I create in season 1 was "Inspired - presentation of the player" I spent a lot of time cutting footage in Creator Suite. It was my first contact with 3D camera in League of Legends. Back then I knew that song "King of the Jungle" would be a perfect fit for the rapidly advancing career of young Inspired.

"Defles -  Underaterd Player"
It was my the best interview from season 1. Defles talks about how dissatisfied and disappointed he is, because of his ambitions. The players tell what they think about him and then I focused on relationship with Erdote. In this video botlane is compared to couple's relation and summed up by the fact that maybe he needs someone who will believe in him, like Trymbi who wanted to learn a lot from Defles.

This is typical video which I called "Head2Head" where players take turns talking about their opponents. I like to make these types of videos at the beginning of the season cause people can get to know the players and their opinions, which are sometimes controversial. This is the perfect time for banter between players.